Welcome to my blog! My name is Wisu Suntoyo, and I hacked body weigth transformation.

weightloss journey

Since the first year of highschool I started gaining weight at a suprising rate of 10kg per year, upon graduating I reached 100kg then through my days at University I picked up the nickname “BigWisu”.

Professionally I am the VP of Engineering at Axiata Digital Services Indonesia, currently building a mobile platform to enable financial inclusion services within Indonesia. Previously I was Head of Development of Qraved, Indonesia’s biggest food startup.

Venturing into entrepreneurship, I have co-founded 2 companies, the first being Global Liaquat Consulting. A Human Resource consultancy company, our entry point in this business is to provide Executive Search services. Over the first year we have partnered with many large and multinational clients with major brands and products in providing them the best talents in the marketn. The second being Kersen Informatika, where we built many location aware software solutions.

My past experience have been in the field of Information Technology in PT Qdc Technologies, Telstra and Casio Indonesia.

I always am eager for opportunities in working together and partner to do business, for that one may contact me via wisu at bigwisu dot com.

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