Looking back it has been over 4 years since I first tried Linux as a Workstation. These screenshots have been collected since December 2003. they tell a story of migrating into Freedom.

Before 2003 I have been using Linux only as an Operating System for my Servers, but not so much as a Workstation. Jumping into Linux as a Workstation started with one foot where I had a Windows XP Laptop and exploring Linux as a Desktop I started with Mandrake Linux 9.2.

My workstation running a Gnome desktop on an Mdk 9.2 - 12 Dec 03

A little change of background - 18 Dec 03

Then the 2.6.x kernel came out and I decided to install Fedora Core 2 the Acer Veriton 3500. I also purchased crossover office and installed it on the FC 2

Upgraded my workstation to Fedora C2, first try at the 2.6.x kernel

After a few months the poor old hard drive crashed. I thought it would be nice to try a paid version of Linux so I went and issued a Procurement Request to spend 1,2 million rups on SuSE Linux 9.1 from GudangLinux

My Acer Veriton 3500 crashed, might as well try out SuSE9.1.  Here is my new workstation (Athlon XP 2500 - 512 MB)

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 for linux

Meanwhile at home my 21 inched monitored machine single booted into Mandrake Linux. this machine was basically used for fun. Playing around with a non-legal version of Maya 4.5 😛 and editing videos with kino and MainActor.

Wisu at-home 28March04

ScreenShot-Mercedes DTM 005


050108-03 Kino Capture

Not far behind the PII 350 BigWisu.com server running Slackware 10.0 also had a usable graphical environment.

This is what this server looks like. It runs Slackware 10.0, here I use Windomaker to make administration eye catching

Back at the office I had to let go of the laptop allocated to me and I thought I’d spoil my self with a brand new AMD64 machine. back then it was top of the line. May 2005 I went looking around for a distribution that had a download able AMD64 iso and came up with Ubuntu. being fond of KDE I chose to install Kubuntu instead. here my full jump into Linux as my main Workstation started with Hoary Hedgehog.

050720 ScreenShot 01

To help me work I synced Evolution with my Dell Axim X30

100 7229

Then it has been (K)Ubuntu Workstation all the way. Here in October 2006 my Toshiba M35 is running Ubuntu Dapper Drake with Beryl.


And finally in January 2007 my latest Machine Lenovo Y400. I still keep Windows XP HE on this machine however. only because of a stupid sticker on the back of the notebook.. 😛

cctv Montage1

On Linux as Workstation I am just as productive only difference is. its all free. 😀