Spam pertama dikirimkan tepat 30 tahun yang lalu.

It was 3 May, 1978. Gary Thuerk, sales rep at the Digital Equipment, corp. (DEC), was hard at work promoting the company’s latest computers, which were installed in open houses in Los Angeles and San Mateo, on the Pacific coast of the United States. Thuerk wanted to promote the computers among the scientists on the ARPAnet, the predecessor of today’s internet, as the new machines in the DECSYSTEM-20 line (the machines in question) and the TOPS-20 operating system had support for ARPAnet built-in. Thuerk, however, did not feel like sending 600 individual email messages to all the people on the ARPAnet, so he had a brainwave: why not send the same message to all of them? At once?

Isi dan reaksi yang ditimbulkan oleh spam perdana tersebut bisa dirujuk di

Dan sekarang pada usia 30 tahun SPAM semakin menjadi..