Recently my blog was hacked, where access to all posts on the site was maliciously redirected to NSFW sites. This occasion was not the first time my wordpress site has been hacked. Now it’s very different, as I was getting bored of self hosting a blog. Have had thoughts on staring over again and moving to a service like Medium, but what will I do with all the posts I have since 2004. Even if there are features to migrate posts, I doubt that the community will see those old content relevant. Those old content are more of a personal archive of thoughts I’ve shared that I would like to be available online.

Upon looking at my LinkedIn feed, I stumbled upon a link to mas Ariya’s [blog post] ( referencing [Hugo] (

coincidence Hugo is also the name of my sister’s husband, he recently passed away :(

Installation and setup is pretty much the same as mas Ariya’s blog post, only using a newer version of Hugo which changed the deployment script abit to

image: mhart/alpine-node:6.3
  - apk update && apk add openssl
  - wget
  - echo "fd4e4eaf40d59f78a6c080832ebad76a  hugo_0.49_Linux-64bit.tar.gz" | md5sum -c
  - tar xf hugo_0.49_Linux-64bit.tar.gz && cp ./hugo /usr/bin
  stage: deploy
  - npm install --silent
  - npm run build:site
  - npm run firebase:deploy-ci

To migrate the content from Wordpress I used wordpress-hugo-exporter which conveniently migrated all my categories, meta even disqus thread id.

For images, a few of them were already shared online and embedded from the site that host them. But the majority of images I host on my site, here I manually move them to Cloudinary. Since there are quite a lot of them I have’t yet finished moving images. Considering that this blog is not my main activity, it may take some time for me to completly move all the images.

Further playing around with this static blogging platform, I did some modifications to the hugo-tranquilpeak-theme. The avatar size looks too small when the website is displayed on lg and xlg sizes.

So for now I’m very happy with this blogging platform.. Please share your thoughts on this platform..