For some time now I’ve engaged (Bintaro Global Network) as an ISP at home. they are a Broadband Wireless Internet Provider. I subcribed to their personal package which is 1.000.000 IDR setup and 250.000 IDR monthly. the package is supposed to give 64 Kbps Int’l and 256 Kbps to the Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX).



So far its been sufficient. the CPE, which is a Senao radio and a Yagi antenna that they provide, drops off sometimes. but restarting it seems to do the trick.

A lot of online forums seems to criticize the level of service they provide. yes. technical support is not too friendly.

but for me. “apt-get install” at 30KB/s (thats Bytes) is more than enough. or is it because my house is close to their BTS.

Who knows. at least I’m happy.