Wow.. alot has been happening this past week. And I simply could not resist to talk about.

First a greet.

During my 3 day trip to Surabaya, I was greeted by a new and very much improved Juanda Airport. The thought of landing in the wrong Airport had crossed my mind. And I was not all wrong, turns out that the New Terminal, opened 2 weeks before, shifted to a new location on the opposite side of the runway from the Old terminal. 

Details of the new terminal can be viewed> and

Second a treat.

Since moving to Jakarta, I missed the taste of an original Rujak Cingur from east Java. And I didn’t have to look far, right next door to the Office in Surabaya was the famous rujak Cingur Jl Achmad Jais.
The Black Salad cost Rp 40.000 with excellent taste, one portion is even a lot for 2 people.

Details of Rujak Cingur can be viewed in this following link

Third the shock.

During my morning session at the static bike, the Hotels power went off. And for almost 45 minutes the hotel was completly without electricity. When I asked one of the staff why the backup Gensets didn’t kick the answer was redicilous, where he the blamed the gas pipe explosion in Sidoarjo. Its a shock to think how could a Hotel within the Accor Group be without any form of power backup for such a long periode. I surely would want to be the person stuck in the elevator.

Forth a mistake.

After being cought in traffic, I thought for sure I had missed my 3 o’clock Garuda Flight to Jakarta. After checking in exactly 10 minutes befor 3. To my supprise the lady at the counter said my ticket was for 3 o’clock tommorrow. It turned out that the office booked me on the wrong date.

Oh well, so instead of rescheduling because of being late. I had to reschedule for being a day too early. Couldn’t blame anyone.

Fifth free wifi.

Being on the waiting list, I had to wait for the empty seat to be verified 30 minutes before the plane departs. So I decided to take a look arround, there I found a Telkom Speedy Hotspot. So I purchased my self an iVas Hotspot voucher and when I fired up my Toshiba Satellite M35 I found 2 unsecure Wireless SSID’s named “2 Wire” and “Telkom HotSpot”, thought I’d try the “2 Wire” first. I was unable to browse or retrieve emails, but yahoo messenger and my SIP Client seems to like the connections, then I tried to OpenVPN to the office and a sucsessfull connection was made. Thus using the office’s proxy enabled free browsing while I wait anxiously for an empty seat.

Note to wireless Access Point, remmember to block all ports not just the common TCP Ports.

Sixth the complaint..

Back home after the whole night and the following morning playing arround with Bagus. I thought I’d finish my tasks from my home network, and was down. After complaining the next day a Technician came over and reconfigured my CPE and Acer TM260. Turns out that upgraded there single Omni antenna to 3 Sectoral antennas, without giving any previous notification. I don’t mind the upgrade but notification before hand would save me he headache. To make things worse they would not come over and change the setting of the CPE before I called them and complained.

The setting change seems to invlove registering to a new SSID and changing from static IP to a dynamic IP, where they registered the mac address of my Acer TM260.