After a pretty tough week at the Office and a Release Party on Saturday, now its time to have fun with my son.

Two weeks ago I promised Bagus to visit Cartoon Network’s Bouncy Town, and finally I had the time to take him there. We headed off to senayan after Dzuhur. I hoped that it wouldn’t rain and that the cloudy weather would hold up. Just as we parked sunshine came out then it was hot weather all the way. Should have brought a cap along. O well. Bagus is eager to start playing. so off to the ticket box..

Entrance fee is 50.000 rups per person on holidays. a sign on a board said that all children must wear socks in the playground. which we didn’t bring along. as one might guess. this turns into an opportunity for others. where I found that some shops would sell socks for 20.000 rups along with other merchandises.

The games are fun. we didn’t try them all. perhaps going there earlier in the day would have been better. anyway. Bagus had a lot of fun and was very tired that he fell a sleep on the way home.