This week we had a chance to stay at the Bintan Lagoon Resort to review 2007’s performance and discussing Qdc’s strategy moving forward..

To get to the resort from Jakarta we had to travel 1 hour by air to Batam. Then a 45 minute Bus ride to the seaport, 1 hour travel by sea and finally another 30 minutes by Bus to the resort where we were greeted by a Traditional Melayu Dance.. all together it took more than half a day, having numerous waiting time in between.



Small Island

Bintan Sea port



The travel was worth what we got at the resort..



Then during the first session.. the prize specialist struck again.. this time I got a Nokia CDMA mobile phone 😀


Bagus will be happy with this oleh-oleh..

To be honest.. I’m not so pleased having to pay sing dollars for everything in the resort. the same currency even applies in the oleh-oleh market. 🙁

Hey this is our country!!!

Also Internet should be a compliment rather than a service we have to pay 35 Sing Dollars for..