Minggu ini team memindahkan SMS provider ke Nexmo, use case SMS didalam app yang kami develop digunakan untuk mengirimkan OTP (One Time Password) kepada user saat mereka melakukan signup, juga saat user melakukan login ke dalam aplikasi. OTP akhir - akhir ini banyak digunakan oleh berbagai layanan online, kebanyakan menyebutnya sebagai two factor authentication. Salah satu kelebihan yang ditawarkan oleh Nexmo adalah adanya integrasi melalui Webhook. Dengan mengaktifkan fitur ini laporan pengiriman SMS dapat dikirimkan secara realtime ke URL yang telah kita tentukan.

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Hello Hugo

Recently my blog was hacked, where access to all posts on the site was maliciously redirected to NSFW sites. This occasion was not the first time my wordpress site has been hacked. Now it’s very different, as I was getting bored of self hosting a blog. Have had thoughts on staring over again and moving to a service like Medium, but what will I do with all the posts I have since 2004.

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Lastweek when spinning up an AWS Instance, I was greeted with an Official Ubuntu 16.04 image.. naturally I would use this image for the new service we were planning.. As all new services we deploy, we run them on Docker. One practice we do in our AWS Docker setup is to store all images in EBS as /mnt/docker.. I’m not going into details of the advantage of this setup.. but usually it is simply modifying the /etc/defaults/docker file setting DOCKER_OPTS="-g /mnt/docker" .

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Wisu Suntoyo

Yuk berinovasi.. Teknologi cloud akan membantu anda…

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