For the past four and a half years, I’ve been passionate about helping Indonesian organizations leverage the power of Google Cloud to achieve their full potential. Leading a high-performing team of Googlers, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of technology on business success, especially during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. Businesses had to adapt rapidly, and technology became a critical lifeline for maintaining operations, connecting with customers, and navigating uncharted waters. But even in the midst of crisis, I remained deeply curious: How can we use technology to not only streamline operations but also unlock deeper insights and drive more informed decision-making?

This question led me to explore the exciting world of Generative AI, a field filled with innovation. My research has focused on how this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the way we gather data and make strategic decisions, particularly within the realm of surveys and feedback mechanisms. Now, I’m thrilled to announce the next chapter of this journey: I’m embarking on a Doctoral program in Science Management for Professionals at SBM ITB, one of Indonesia’s leading business schools. This decision is driven by my desire to push the boundaries of research, contribute to the evolution of management practices, and help Indonesian organizations harness the power of AI for their future.

My research will focus on developing a new paradigm for administering decision-making questionnaires using Generative AI agents. By creating more engaging and insightful conversational experiences, my goal is to unlock richer data, leading to more accurate insights and better-informed strategies.

I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity to collaborate with leading scholars, apply my research to help Indonesian organizations achieve greater success, and contribute to the advancement of AI and management. This is a significant step in my personal and professional journey, and I’m eager to share my findings and learnings with the community as I progress through this exciting new chapter.